The Champion’s Process

I recently finished reading How Good Do You Want To Be? by Nick Saban.

It’s an excellent book. With acute detail, it takes a dive into his coaching ideology—principles that are applicable to us in every day life, not just football.

The most notable principle? 


So many people talk about trusting the process but then we fail to grasp what “the process” truly implies for each of us. In a nutshell, trusting the process involves doing the day-to-day tasks that put us in the best position to achieve our goals. Additionally, Saban writes about totally embodying a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle, paradoxically, that leaves out the focus on results.

In his opening press conference at Alabama, Coach Saban preached about being a champion. He shunned the idea of trying to win a championship. (What?)

Instead, he highlighted the importance of completing all the tasks necessary for being champions—the process.

Primarily, you must do the things champions do.

Focusing on results causes too many negative (and positive) emotions that can lead us astray. But when we aspire to embody that particular lifestyle, our entire experience will change because our behavior is not tied to an outcome.

If we want to be an elite athlete, then we must embody the lifestyle of an elite athlete. Don’t think about statistics or place on the depth chart.

Instead, take more pride in completing the daily tasks that will make you an elite athlete. They look different for each athlete, but we all have questions that we could ask ourselves:

Did I stretch?
Did I run?
Did I lift weights?
Did I watch film?
Did I enhance my skill today?
Have I been working to MASTER MY CRAFT?

If we want to lose weight, we can’t get caught up checking the scale. Instead, we should embody the life of a fitness guru. Visualize it. Have a plan. Execute the plan, step by step. Make it our daily goal to act like a fitness guru. We’ll observe an entire paradigm shift. We’ll begin thinking in healthier terms:

Would a fitness guru eat this donut? HECK NO!”
“A fitness guru would get through this workout even though they don’t want to.”
“A fitness guru would get others to live healthier too!”

If we want to be a writers or a painters, we can’t focus on publishers or collectors. Instead, we can focus on the daily habits that will help us perfect our craft and gain exposure.

Did we write/paint today?
Did you contact X publishers?
Did you post your work on social media?

Prioritize the daily journey and we can be successful.

When we fail? We can respond with the intensity that characterizes the person we want to be.

If we’re not sure about what our “lifestyle” or “process” looks like, we can research our idols or mentors. Observing their habits and character traits. Observing their lifestyle. Then we can take from them whatever we need for our own development.

Our success lies in… THE PROCESS!

It may not always happen quickly. That’s where trust and faith come into play. If we establish the right blueprint/lifestyle/process for our personal glory, then it’s only a matter a time. Inch by inch. Whatever it is we want to do, choosing the person we want to be today and executing the necessary lifestyle habits—Be. A. Champion.

Then enjoy every second of it.

The journey is the reward!

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