Taylor Wayer | Interview

Taylor played basketball at the University of Indiana. A gritty, hard-working player, Taylor sought every possible advantage to work his way onto the team, and once there, was blessed to learn the game of basketball from some of the best players and coaches around. He’s a diligent worker, energetic as they come, and lives daily by the name of the training company that he founded, “Competitive Greatness”. He’s worked as a trainer with hundreds of players from high school all the way up to the professional level. Click to listen and see the full show-notes.

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Taylor Wayer

Topics discussed on this podcast:

  • Naming his company “Competitive Greatness
  • John Wooden – “Being at your best when your best is needed.”
  • Always being at your best – tattoo
  • Great family helped build his philosophy
  • Indiana University Basketball
  • Coaching Mentors
  • Tim Buckley at IU – scout for the Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA)
  • When coach is tough on you.
  • It starts with communication.
  • Communicating effectively
  • The difference between inspiration and motivation
  • Bridging the talent gap with hard work
  • You can definitely work harder.
  • Focusing on the Details – a struggle for modern athletes.
  • What gets Tayler excited during workouts.
  • Playing with Victor Oladipo and watching him develop.
  • Teaching younger players.
  • Nutrition
  • Books
  • Favorite professional player: Victor Oladipo
  • Favorite professional coach: Brad Stevens
  • Social account to follow: Jordan Lawley @jlawbball
  • Waking Thought: “Be better today than you were yesterday.”

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