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Sam Allen, a former college basketball player and a college coach for 8 years, now owns and directs some of the finest basketball training programs and camp systems that our country has to offer – Blue Collar Basketball & PGC – where you can still find integrity and work ethic alive and well. 

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Sam Allen

In this episode:

Playing career
8-year Coaching Career
“30/30 guy”
The association of hard work & results
Started because one guy was late to the bus
Freshman ready to play
You think you’re working hard, but you could work harder
Learning from a great player
Blue Collar Basketball
PGC Basketball
You can teach competitiveness
Origins of a champions
Different obstacles in coaching
PGC – S.C.H.A.P.E.
Blue Collar Basketball – The 3D Philosophy
“Master the Boring”

Suggested Books
The Talent Code and The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle
Getting to Us – Seth Davis
Mindset – Carol Dweck
GRIT – Angela Duckworth

Suggested Podcasts
The Hardwood Hustle – Adam Bradley & TJ Rosene
Finding Mastery – Michael Gervais

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Check this video out of Sam speaking about ” The Championship Approach toAdversity.”
Sam’s Bio on PGC

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