Should Athletes Read?

We constantly emulate habits from elite-level athletes: How they train, what they eat, the way they prepare, their confidence, etc. -- What about reading?

Mike Lee | Interview

Training basketball talent from middle school all the way up to NBA players, Mike authored the book "UN/Train" and has been bringing mindfulness practices to his players, various teams, organizations, business leaders, and entrepreneurs through MindShiftLabs and THRIVE3 Training, the two companies that he founded.

Langston Hall | Interview

Mercer basketball legendary Point Guard, Atlantic Sun Player of the Year, All-World caliber leader... Langston Hall, sits down with MYC host Jakob Gollon, both who happen to be former teammates and fellow captains on the 2014 Mercer University team that upset Duke in the NCAA Tournament.

Alan Stein Jr. | Interview

He's a Performance Coach, Consultant, Speaker, & Author. On this episode of The MYC Study he sits down with Jakob Gollon to talk about his perspective on athletic excellence through his days at National Powerhouse Dematha, his partnership with Drew Hanlen at Pure Sweat, and now into his own speaking career.

Jason Eaker | Interview

Jason is one of the most passionate and thoughtful coaches in the country. His perspective is as unique as his quirky character, but the things that truly make him special are his consistent work ethic and his purposeful approach.

Jamie Quarles | Interview

New assistant coach, Jamie Quarles, speaks highly of his Buffalo Bulls, their team dynamic, and many of the other contributing factors that lead to their NCAA Tournament upset vs. #1 overall NBA draft pick DeAndre Ayton and the Arizona Wildcats.

Austen Lane | Interview

Jordan, despite the attention, remained humble and hard-working and developed into one of the best PG's in the country, headed to West Virginia this fall to play for the Mountaineers.

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