Khalif El-Amin | Interview

Khalif El-Amin won 2 state championships in high school and went on to become the leader of collegiate powerhouse UW-Stevens Point. Now, he and his brother, Que, have Co-Founded an inspiring program in their hometown of Milwaukee.

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Khalif El-Amin

In this episode:

Rufus King High School
State Champions
Coach Jim Gosz: motivator, competitiveness, attention to detail, mentor
Brian Butch vs. Khalif El-Amin
Brother: Que
Young Enterprising Society – YES
Small kid – playing PG helped him become a leader
Coaching with detail
Tamaris Releford – mentor and friend
Coach Bob Semling
Players today: too much finesse, not enough ‘get the job done’
Parents baby their children
Michael Redd supporting YES
Looking to his son, Nassir, for inspiration

Suggested Books
Players First – John Calipari

Suggested People to Follow
ET the Hip Hop Preacher

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