Jordan McCabe | Interview

Nationally ranked PG Jordan McCabe has been an elite basketball talent for years, recognizable dating back to middle school when he drew national fame after his ‘mad ball-handling skills’ went viral on the internet.

Jordan, despite the attention, remained humble and hard-working and developed into one of the best PG’s in the country, headed to West Virginia this fall to play for the Mountaineers.

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Jordan McCabe


Topics discussed on this podcast:

  • Fears, anxieties, dark times on a long journey to try and be the best
  • Breakdowns and crying in front of his dad
  • He’s different – not into the hype, or peer pressure
  • Being a “savage” player does not have to carry over off the court
  • Growing as a person
  • Using your platform for positive influence
  • “If the best thing I do in my lifetime is play basketball, then I’ve failed.”
  • Mentors: Dad, Steph Curry
  • Where does competitiveness come from?
  • Strict schedule / routine
  • Where could Jordan improve right now?
  • “People limit themselves”
  • Impacting your community
  • Jamal Crawford
  • Jordan’s take on GRIT
  • 30 seconds to talk to a younger you
  • Mind Gym – Gary Mack
  • The Man in the Arena – Teddy Roosevelt
  • Virtue: Kindness, Action: Work More from him?

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