Jamie Quarles | Interview

New assistant coach, Jamie Quarles, speaks highly of his Buffalo Bulls, their team dynamic, and many of the other contributing factors that lead to their NCAA Tournament upset vs. #1 overall NBA draft pick DeAndre Ayton and the Arizona Wildcats.

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Jamie Quarles

Topics discussed on this podcast:

  • Buffalo’s NCAA Tournament Upset Win vs. #4 Arizona (and playing against #1 overall NBA draft pick DeAndre Ayton)
  • Visualization – seeing himself playing for a National Championship
  • Buffalo players and their ‘Leadership by Committee’ dynamic
  • Be a sponge, lifelong learning
  • “Show up and do the job.”
  • The best players Jamie has coached and what made them great.
  • Adversity: Getting told “NO” and why that’s OK
  • Father, family system, inner circle, mentor
  • Waking Thought: “Go out and make today your best day.”

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