James Gollon | Interview

Adversity galore. James Gollon goes into what makes him tick, all the way down to his mindset and how he keeps a level head in the high stakes environment of both Division 1 college basketball and undergraduate pre-medical school. 

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James Gollon

Topics discussed on this podcast:

  • Adversity – injuries
  • Mental health
  • Flow States – how does James get in the zone
  • Headspace – nature, facing reality, perspective, habits
  • Success – James’ breakthrough season
  • Be Present – live in the moment
  • Books
    • The Alchemist (Paulo Coehlo)
    • Mind Gym (Gary Mack)
  • Healthy Routines – developing mindful habits
  • Grit
  • Basketball to Business
  • Advice to the younger you

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