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Taylor Wayer | Interview

Taylor played basketball at the University of Indiana. A gritty, less-than-meets-the-build player (we joke about during the show), Taylor scrapped his way onto the team, and once there, was blessed to learn the game of basketball from some of the best players and coaches around. He’s a diligent worker, energetic as they come, and lives daily by the name of the training company that he founded, “Competitive Greatness”. Click to listen and see the full show-notes.

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Aaron Lucas | Interview

Aaron was one of the best high school basketball players in South Carolina, if not the best, when he was growing up. His talents brought him to the University of South Carolina, and his work ethic eventually led to a journeyman’s career in professional basketball. The most impressive thing about Aaron, though? His ability to think and reason. Now, he’s an excellent Coach, Mentor, and Career Development Facilitator.

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Anthony Trucks | Interview

Adversity at almost every step of his life, this former NFL player developed a tremendously resilient mindset from the hardships that he’s had to overcome. Now, he runs a premier gym in California, travels the country as a corporate Keynote Speaker, and has authored books and online programs galore. Anthony truly embodies the growth mindset, and the amount of wisdom he shares in this podcast is incredible. 

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Mike Lee | Interview

Training basketball talent from middle school all the way up to NBA players, Mike authored the book “UN/Train” and has been bringing mindfulness practices to his players, various teams, organizations, business leaders, and entrepreneurs through MindShiftLabs and THRIVE3 Training, the two companies that he founded.

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Langston Hall | Interview

Mercer basketball legendary Point Guard, Atlantic Sun Player of the Year, All-World caliber leader… Langston Hall, sits down with MYC host Jakob Gollon, both who happen to be former teammates and fellow captains on the 2014 Mercer University team that upset Duke in the NCAA Tournament.

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Alan Stein Jr. | Interview

He’s a Performance Coach, Consultant, Speaker, & Author. On this episode of The MYC Study he sits down with Jakob Gollon to talk about his perspective on athletic excellence through his days at National Powerhouse Dematha, his partnership with Drew Hanlen at Pure Sweat, and now into his own speaking career.

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Caleb Brown | Interview

Caleb, who has done paintings for Grammy Award Winners, Super Bowl MVPs and Platinum Recording Artists, sits down with Jakob Gollon to talk about the lessons he learned as a Division 1 college football player and how it has helped him become a better man and a better artist.

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Janel McCarville | Interview

Janel McCarville was the #1 Pick in the WNBA Draft after participating in several national championships and being named one of college basketballs best players at the University of Minnesota. After a journeywoman’s career in both the WNBA and Euroleague, she has an incredible story to tell. 

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