Tony Jeffries | Interview

Tony is an accomplished boxer. He's an Olympic medalist (2008), 7-time National Champion, and has won 5 European medals. Now, he runs one of the best fitness boxing facilities in the world - Box N Burn. 

Sam Allen | Interview

Sam Allen, a former college basketball player and then a college coach for 8 years. He now owns and directs some of the finest basketball training and camp programs that our country has to offer - Blue Collar Basketball & PGC.

Taylor Wayer | Interview

Taylor played basketball at the University of Indiana. A gritty, less-than-meets-the-build player (we joke about during the show), Taylor scrapped his way onto the team, and once there, was blessed to learn the game of basketball from some of the best players and coaches around. He's a diligent worker, energetic as they come, and lives daily by the name of the training company that he founded, "Competitive Greatness". Click to listen and see the full show-notes.

Aaron Lucas | Interview

Aaron was one of the best high school basketball players in South Carolina, if not the best, when he was growing up. His talents brought him to the University of South Carolina, and his work ethic eventually led to a journeyman's career in professional basketball. The most impressive thing about Aaron, though? His ability to think and reason. Now, he's an excellent Coach, Mentor, and Career Development Facilitator.

The Champion’s Process

Notes on Nick Saban's book, How Good Do You Want To Be? -- With acute detail, we take a dive into his coaching ideology. The principles are applicable to our every day lives, not just football.

Anthony Trucks | Interview

Adversity at almost every step of his life, this former NFL player developed a tremendously resilient mindset from the hardships that he's had to overcome. Now, he runs a premier gym in California, travels the country as a corporate Keynote Speaker, and has authored books and online programs galore. Anthony truly embodies the growth mindset, and the amount of wisdom he shares in this podcast is incredible. 

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